About Outshinery

Outshinery is a creative technology company specializing in delivering exceptional, photorealistic digital imagery and visual content for the alcoholic beverage industry. By cleverly integrating advanced 3D rendering techniques and cutting-edge software solutions, Outshinery enables brands to showcase their products — bottles, bag-in-a-box, cans, and more — in captivating and cost-effective ways! By harnessing the power of virtual imagery, Outshinery empowers alcohol brands to streamline their marketing efforts, captivate more customers with compelling visuals, and ultimately drive higher sales in a highly competitive market.

RedChirp’s Outshinery Integration

Outshinery specializes in crafting professional bottle shots and captivating lifestyle images for wineries. Elevate your messaging experience by effortlessly integrating these captivating visuals into your text messages.

Outshinery will adapt your visual content using their service with perfectly sized and optimized image versions for text messaging. Their expert team will take care of pre-loading these images into your RedChirp account. That means your RedChirp users are just one click away from adding these high-quality and perfectly sized images to one-on-one text conversations or bulk text messages going out to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of customers at once.

Adding An Outshinery Image To One Conversation

Just click the (+) in your conversation to select “Send pictures or files”. Instead of having to upload your own image, click the new Outshinery button and you’ll find all your pre-loaded images ready to select.

Or Bulk Messages

See how easy it is to add an Outshinery image to your bulk message in this 10 second video:

Sunsetting Old Images:

Don’t want an image used anymore? Just archive it one time in the new Outshinery section of RedChirp — find that in the Main Menu > Outshinery — and everyone is instantly up to speed! There’s no need to communicate that change or ask other team members to remove images from their files. When they go to add their next Outshinery image to a text, they’ll automatically only be presented with the currently available — not archived — images.

Turning On The Outshinery Integration

Already a RedChirp and Outshinery customer? It takes just a moment to turn on the integration.

  1. Go to the Main Menu > Organization Settings > Integrations.
  2. Click the (+) icon to add a new one. Select Outshinery and click “OK”.
  3. Use the three-dot action menu to select “Edit”. Toggle on “Enabled” then “Save & Close”.

That’s it!

Watch exactly how to turn on the integration in this 13 second video:

Then What?

RedChirp will automatically notify the Outshinery Team that you have turned on the integration and they’ll get to work resizing and uploading your optimized images. RedChirp has created a special portal for the Outshinery Team so they can log in and upload these images to RedChirp organizations that have the integration currently enabled.

The Outshinery team will let you know when their work is done.

Watch a Recording of The Announcement Webinar:

RedChirp and Outshinery jointly presented this webinar on Wednesday, July 19th, 2023:

Download the PowerPoint:

Use this link to download a copy of the slides and all the videos included in it.

Learn More About Outshinery:

Learn more — and even try Outshinery for free! — at https://www.outshinery.com/try-for-free.

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