The Comprehensive SMS Strategy Guide for DTC Wineries, Presented by vinSUITE & RedChirp on April 19th, 2023


Are you struggling to reach your customers with traditional emails and phone calls? You’re not alone in this challenge, but other wineries have found a way to break through: text messaging! In this webinar, we’ll explore the full range of text messaging as a new — and super effective — communication channel. Learn how other DTC teams are using texts to engage website visitors, communicate with members, update payment information, streamline reservations, grow their contact database, execute promotions, and more. Explore how integrations with vinSUITE, as well as reservation and email marketing platforms, can streamline your workload even further. This webinar will focus on practical, proven strategies so you can leave with a prioritized plan of how text messaging can enhance engagement where you need it most right away, and then grow into additional opportunities.

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