Capturing Customer Data

There are certain kinds of information that your business gathers often, and it’s important that the information is complete and correct.

With RedChirp™ you can easily create mobile forms to conveniently capture the information you need! 

This information might include things like:






Gathering this information on an ad hoc basis by phone, email or text is messy and unreliable because it:

  • Introduces the possibility of errors and omissions that can waste time and resources
  • Limits your team’s efficiency by manually repeating a consistent process
  • Creates frustration on all sides when important information is missing
  • Erodes customer service 

Because the results of these efforts aren’t standardized, they can’t be combined into a useful database for analytics, searching, exporting and other future uses.

There’s a better way: use RedChirp’s Mobile Forms to collect any kind of “structured data” you need.

Structured data is a software developer’s term for any information that is:

  • a consistent data type
  • captured in a way that is easily searchable.

RedChirp comes pre-loaded with a variety of commonly used Mobile Forms, but users can create custom forms too.

  • Choose from dozens of standardized fields, create custom fields, and choose which fields are required, practically on the fly.
  • RedChirp users can quickly send customers any Mobile Form in a new or existing text conversation.
  • These forms are all designed to be mobile-first, so they’re easy for customers to complete right on their phone.
  • RedChirp also remembers each customer’s entries and will pre-populate them during future interactions for speed and convenience.
  • Looking to make better, more informed decisions for your business? Authorized RedChirp users have the ability to view and/or export all entries for any form, on demand!