2023 Review: RedChirp Bulk Text Messages Generate Over $50.6 Million of Non-Club Orders

It’s a brand-new year and that’s the perfect time to fire up Excel and do some number crunching about what happened in 2023! We started by reviewing webchats and the sales those led to. If you haven’t read that analysis yet, check it out at https://redchirp.com/what-is-a-web-chat-request-worth-plenty/ and — spoiler alert! — you’ll learn all about […]

Texas Hill Country Wine Symposium 2024

We were honored to sponsor and attend the Texas Hill Country Wine Symposium. On Wednesday, we joined John Cedillo from William Chris Wine Company and Remy Sabiani with WinePulse to present, “Decanting Your Data: Leveraging Tech and Analytics to Elevate Data”. Feel free to use — or share — any of these resources from our […]

DTC Wine Symposium 2024

We were honored to support Free the Grapes as a Platinum Sponsor, present an exciting session all about text promotions, catch up with hundreds of RedChirpers, and meet some new faces too at this year’s event! Feel free to use — or share — any of these resources from our presence at the Symposium. Our […]

What is a webchat request worth? Plenty!

With 2023 in the rearview mirror, it seemed like a perfect time to fire up Excel and do some number crunching! We started by looking at just one RedChirp feature first: webchat. What is a RedChirp webchat anyway? When it comes to letting customers ask questions and connect with your business —from your website — […]

Why Some Automated Shipment Tracking Messages are Unsent

Understanding the nuances of real-time tracking in shipping is crucial for informed decision-making. While carriers like FedEx and UPS provide valuable insights throughout the shipping process, it’s essential to be aware of their imperfections and potential delays. Given the inherent challenges, it’s advised not to build critical processes solely around real-time tracking. Use these insights […]

Custom Keywords — with auto responses — in Bulk Messages

Promotional message best practice: give consumers multiple paths forward, including just replying with a keyword to buy from you! This not only makes it trivially easy for your busy customers to purchase, but it also saves you time and gives you some great reporting. This video will show you how to create Custom Keywords, set […]

Webinar by WineDirect & RedChirp — Uncork the Power of SMS: A Comprehensive Strategy

Presented by WineDirect CMO Andrea Smalling, and RedChirp Cofounder Jennie Gilbert, on December 6th, 2023 Description: It’s not your imagination…everyone in DTC is talking about how effective text messaging is. Prepare for 2024 with this comprehensive SMS Strategy session presented by WineDirect CMO Andrea Smalling and RedChirp Cofounder Jennie Gilbert. This webinar will cover the […]

How RedChirp Makes It Easy for Your Customers to Opt Out of Text Messaging

RedChirp makes it easy for your customers to opt out of receiving your text messages, while also providing you with tools to help monitor and respect opt-outs. Opt-Out Methods There are two ways a consumer can opt out of receiving text messages within RedChirp: Opt-Out Keywords A recipient can revoke their consent to receive text […]

Who Can I Send Promotional Text Messages To?

Disclaimer This is not legal advice. Consult an Attorney if you have legal or compliance questions about your text marketing campaigns. Introduction Promotional text messages are a powerful marketing tool that can bring in significant sales. And just like all the other ways your business communicates, some specific rules and regulations apply to B2C texting. […]

How to Connect RedChirp and Commerce7

What does this cost? There are no extra costs from Commerce7 or RedChirp for the integration. How do I connect RedChirp to Commerce7? Step 1: Log into Commerce7 and click “Apps & Extensions” in the main menu Step 2: Find RedChirp and click anywhere in the RedChirp rectangle. Step 3: Click Install. Note: We must also enter […]