Summer Webinar Series

We hope you’re enjoying the last sips of summer and are ready to welcome the cozy vibes of fall. As we prepare for cooler weather and the busy sales periods ahead, we want to make sure you didn’t miss our summer webinars featuring the powerful tools and integrations available to streamline your processes while driving […]

Maximize OND Sales with Text Messaging

Modernize your communication strategy to uncork more sales and stronger relationships with RedChirp’s text messaging platform. OND is just three weeks away. But this year is different. Customer communication preferences are changing, and traditional outreach tactics are becoming less effective. The same strategies that worked before may not cut it this year. And with most […]

Klaviyo Integration

1. You can create Automated Text Messages (specifically for use in Klaviyo flows) inside of RedChirp. You can make as many of these as you would like! For each, you will be able to customize the following in RedChirp: 2. At the bottom of each of these messages’ settings will be instructions on how to get Klaviyo to trigger […]

The difference between SMS and MMS

An SMS (short message service) message is a regular text message. It can include emojis. It can include links. There are two things that might make it an MMS (multimedia messaging service) message instead.  1. If you include any kind of media, like a picture, than it will be an MMS 2. SMS are also […]

Webinar — WineDirect and RedChirp Text Messaging Integration

Presented by WineDirect CMO Andrea Smalling, and RedChirp Cofounder Jennie Gilbert, on July 26th, 2023 Description: It’s not your imagination…it is getting harder to reach your customers. That’s why more wineries than ever are using text messaging to break through. Learn how WineDirect and RedChirp work together to make texting your customers easy, integrated, and […]

RedChirp Integration: Outshinery

About Outshinery Outshinery is a creative technology company specializing in delivering exceptional, photorealistic digital imagery and visual content for the alcoholic beverage industry. By cleverly integrating advanced 3D rendering techniques and cutting-edge software solutions, Outshinery enables brands to showcase their products — bottles, bag-in-a-box, cans, and more — in captivating and cost-effective ways! By harnessing […]

 Adding RedChirp WebChat to a WineDirect Site 

1. Log into the WineDirect Admin Panel and click on “Settings”:  2. Then click on “Website Settings”:  *Don’t have “Website Settings” listed? See the special trouble-shooting step at the end for help.  3. Expand the section called “Custom Javascript”:  4. Paste the RedChirp pixel code script into the “Global Script” section. That can be found […]

RedChirp Adds Tock Integration

RedChirp’s integration with Tock adds another name to an already long list of integrations that includes WineDirect, Commerce7, VinSUITE, eCellar and others. These integrations increase convenience and add even more value to the most complete text messaging platform in the wine industry. Consolidate your texting on a single platform for consistency and a more intuitive […]

Webinar – RedChirp and WinePulse Integration

Description: Everyone knows that personalized content converts better. WinePulse makes it easy to identify the perfect customers to share that content with. And if you text it to them, your customers will actually read it! Didn’t make it to our announcement webinar on June 28th? No problem! You can get all caught up with the […]