How to access RedChirp reports from WinePulse

In WinePulse Sign into your WinePulse account From the WinePulse home screen, locate the Search box. It is located in the upper right hand corner of the home screen. Type RedChirp into the search box and hit enter or click the magnifying glass icon to search. Click the RedChirp folder to access the RedChirp reports. […]

RedChirp Branded Link Shorteners

There are so many good reasons to include links in your text messages like sending recipients to log in, learn more, purchase products, etc. But including links in your text messages isn’t as straightforward as including them in emails. First, you can’t hyperlink words — like “click here” — in text messages. Including the full […]

How much do organizations using RedChirp spend on additional messaging?

Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR) Not much. What is additional messaging Every RedChirp plan includes a certain number of SMS and MMS messages. If your organization sends more that this number in a given month, these are charged as additional messages. Plan SMS Included Additional SMS MMS Included Additional MMS Solopreneur 500 $0.03 50 $0.05 […]

Webinar — Text Messaging 101

The Comprehensive SMS Strategy Guide for DTC Wineries, Presented by vinSUITE & RedChirp on April 19th, 2023 Description: Are you struggling to reach your customers with traditional emails and phone calls? You’re not alone in this challenge, but other wineries have found a way to break through: text messaging! In this webinar, we’ll explore the […]

What we learned by using AI to analyze 64,621 text conversations with customers

Introduction At RedChirp, our mission is to make communication better for businesses and their customers. RedChirp makes it easy for highly regulated businesses to text with their customers in all kinds of ways including one-on one, in bulk, through automations, drips and more. But our mission doesn’t end once a text message is sent; RedChirp […]

Webinar Recording: Text Messaging Strategies for DTC Membership Communications

This is a recording of the webinar on February 15th, 2023 for the Wine Country Membership Professionals Network. You’ve got a lot to communicate, and if you can just get people to pay attention, you’ll have smoother club runs, increase club revenue, reduce cancellations, and be able to get more done in less time with […]

Run more than one business? RedChirp is for you!

RedChirp now has rich support for employees that split their time between multiple businesses. This is extremely useful for RedChirp customers that own and operate multiple businesses. How does this work? Your employees a

WineDirect Order Attribution

Exciting news for WineDirect users: RedChirp’s WineDirect integration now supports order attribution. Order attribution make it easy for you to analyze the connection between the communications you have had with customers and the orders that they place. Put simply: order attribution shows you how much money RedChirp is earning for you!