Webinar by OrderPort & RedChirp

Transform Your Communications with the All New RedChirp & OrderPort Integration Presented by OrderPort Managing Partner Rick Belisle, and RedChirp Cofounder Jennie Gilbert, on June 18th, 2024. Description: You’re not imagining it—DTC is facing significant challenges this year. However, there’s a powerful new technology helping hundreds of wineries overcome these obstacles and exceed their goals. […]

RedChirp Integration: OrderPort

The integration between OrderPort and RedChirp brings a host of powerful features designed to enhance efficiency, improve customer engagement, and boost sales for wineries. Here are the key benefits: Sync Contacts and Auto-Recognize Messages Enhance eCommerce with Webchat Add RedChirp’s next-generation webchat to OrderPort shopping carts and website pages. Capture more eCommerce sales, reservations, and […]

Wine Sales Symposium 2024

We were honored to be the Presenting Sponsor of this year’s Wine Sale Symposium, moderate an exciting panel with inspiring DTC experts, catch up with hundreds of RedChirpers, and meet new folks too — in person! — in Santa Rosa. Feel free to use, or share, any of these resources from our presentation at the […]

Webinar by Commerce7 & RedChirp (May 2024)

DTC Text Messaging: Connecting Big Data and Real-World Strategies Presented in partnership with Commerce7, moderated by RedChirp Cofounder Jennie Gilbert, and with special guests Carrie Kalscheuer of Ponzi Vineyards and Jacob Harris of Saintsbury Winery on May 7th, 2024 Description: Join Jennie Gilbert, cofounder of RedChirp, as she shares insights from an extensive analysis of […]

Webinar by vinSUITE & RedChirp (April 2024)

SMS Secrets: Successful Strategies Backed by Wine Industry Data Presented by vinSUITE Marketing Coordinator Molly Spurgin and RedChirp Cofounder Jennie Gilbert on April 30th, 2024 Description: In this webinar, we unveil the secrets to leveraging text-based communication to drive sales. Learn exactly what has worked best for others, backed by insights from hundreds of wineries […]

RedChirp <> Tock Integration

Key Features Setup To connect RedChirp to your Tock account(s) an Account Owner will need to send an email to integrate@tockhq.com requesting that RedChirp be granted API access to your Tock account(s). Tock will use the RedChirp secrets manager to securely provide RedChirp with your credentials. Within a few business days, you should hear from […]

2023 Review: RedChirp Bulk Text Messages Generate Over $50.6 Million of Non-Club Orders

It’s a brand-new year and that’s the perfect time to fire up Excel and do some number crunching about what happened in 2023! We started by reviewing webchats and the sales those led to. If you haven’t read that analysis yet, check it out at https://redchirp.com/what-is-a-web-chat-request-worth-plenty/ and — spoiler alert! — you’ll learn all about […]

What are bulk messages worth? A little over $50MM in 2023!

With 2023 in the rearview mirror, it seemed like a perfect time to fire up Excel and do some number crunching! We started our review of RedChirp features by looking at WebChat. In this article, we are taking a look at bulk messages. Making sure that club runs are not included in our totals We […]

Vendor Assessment Resource Center

Disclaimer This is not legal advice. Consult an Attorney if you have legal or compliance questions. Framework(s) This document is primarily intended for organizations covered by why are generally thought to be general purpose compliance frameworks (e.g. SOC 2, ISO 27001, etc.) Although it may have some incidental utility to organizations covered by special purpose […]

Texas Hill Country Wine Symposium 2024

We were honored to sponsor and attend the Texas Hill Country Wine Symposium. On Wednesday, we joined John Cedillo from William Chris Wine Company and Remy Sabiani with WinePulse to present, “Decanting Your Data: Leveraging Tech and Analytics to Elevate Data”. Feel free to use — or share — any of these resources from our […]