Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup began as a convenience at Walmart, grocery stores and other retailers, but the coronavirus pandemic has transformed it into an essential service for providers of all kinds of goods.

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Just one month into the pandemic, half of consumers surveyed had used curbside pickup, and more than 90% who did thought it was convenient.

No matter how long the pandemic lasts we all know convenience is king, which means Curbside Pickup is here to stay!

Here’s how Curbside Pickup from RedChirp™ delivers an easy and efficient Big Brand experience for employees and customers alike:

The store manager opens RedChirp and enters that Susan’s order is ready for her to pick up.

Susan gets an automated text from the RedChirp bot:

“Your Main Street Pets curbside pickup is ready! Click here for directions. We’re open daily 10am – 8pm. When you arrive, click to let us know.”

The next day, Susan drives to the store for her order. She clicks the link in the text message to let the store know she’s there.

RedChirp checks to see which of the four employees identified to handle curbside delivery orders are working at that time.

Each available employee receives an alert letting them know that Susan is here and needs help. If no one responds, notifications will continue and escalate.

Bob clicks to claim the order, and RedChirp shares everything he needs in one spot: who’s here, how to identify their order and what car they’re in too.

RedChirp even provides a pre-written, but editable, text message Bob can send with one click letting Susan know he’s on it.

Susan gets a text from Bob:

“Hi, I’m Bob at Main Street Pets. I’m working on your curbside pickup and will be out with it shortly.”

He brings out her purchase and puts it into her trunk.

Bob clicks a button in RedChirp noting Susan’s curbside pickup is complete.

Susan gets one more automatic text message from your bot confirming her pickup is complete and asking her to rate her interaction with Bob.

RedChirp makes it quick and easy to rate her experience, right from the text message. She gives him 5 out of 5 stars.

To find out how you can add this same efficient and effortless service to your own business in just one day—and grow your top line and delight your customers in the process—schedule your RedChirp demo right away!