Location Sharing

Do you engage with your customers at their homes or businesses?

Then you need to be able to share your location and let them track it in real time when you’re on the way.

No one feels good waiting around during a long window of time when your people may arrive.

Your customers can track their Uber driver coming to pick them up for a $10 ride, or their fast food pizza on the way to their location.

Shouldn’t they be able to track your important delivery, sales call or service technician too?

Chances are your interaction is a lot more expensive—and a lot more important to them—than their pepperoni pizza!

With modern technology there’s no need to keep customers guessing.

You can—and should—make it easy for them to track you on your way, so they know exactly when you’ll be arriving no matter what happens along the way.


RedChirp™ makes it easy to let any contact know you’re on the way right now.

Our Location Sharing feature prepares a text message to the customer for you, with all the necessary information in it.

No need to type it all out yourself—all you have to do is review, edit as you like, and send it with one click!


RedChirp automatically estimates your time of arrival using GPS technology, so the text that lets them know you’re on the way includes an accurate estimate of when you’ll arrive.

You can also override the estimate and add or remove time if you find GPS is typically ahead of or behind schedule—or if you want to consistently exceed expectations!


The automated text message includes a link that allows the customer to track your vehicle in real time, just like tracking an Uber driver.

Best of all, it doesn’t require any additional work on your part!


Perhaps best of all, adding this industry-leading customer service capability to your business requires nothing more than your employee’s or contractor’s own mobile phone!

  • You don’t need to outfit your trucks or employee’s vehicles with any special equipment
  • There are no monthly subscriptions to make the GPS tracking work
  • Your employees don’t have to carry special devices or company phones