Seamless Delivery Tracking

Whether your business sells furniture and mattresses or pizza and wings, delivery service is an essential part of your success and customer experience.

But brands like Uber and DoorDash have been redefining what the delivery experience can be, training consumers to expect the same level of precision and transparency with every delivery they request.

Seamless Delivery Tracking from RedChirp™ empowers even small retailers to match that Big Brand experience quickly and easily. Here’s how it works:

Greg at Blue Lumber enters into RedChirp that Susan’s delivery is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow to 123 Main St. Newtown CA, between noon and 4 pm.

Susan gets a text from the RedChirp Bot:

“Exciting news! Your delivery from Blue Lumber is scheduled for Thursday between noon and 4pm. You’ll get a text from the driver when they’re on the way with a more exact ETA and a way to track the truck too. Click here if you need to make a change or have a question.”

Thursday morning, Susan gets an automated follow-up text from the RedChirp Bot:

“Today is the day! Expect your delivery between noon and 4pm and a text from the driver with more exact timing when they’re on the way.”

At 1:12 pm, Rob the delivery truck driver enters into RedChirp that he’s ready to deliver Susan’s order.

RedChirp provides a pre-written, but editable, text message Rob can send with one click. It even automatically estimates arrival time.

Susan gets the text message from Rob:

“Hi Susan, this is Rob from Blue Lumber and I’m on my way to deliver your order. GPS says we should arrive by 1:40pm. Click here to track our progress in real time.”

At 1:37pm Rob texts Susan that he has arrived.

Susan calls him as she comes down to meet him, and Rob expertly handles the delivery.

Rob enters into RedChirp he’s ready for Susan to sign that delivery was completed.

Susan gets an automated text message from Rob asking her to sign on her phone to confirm delivery was completed.

Rob gets an immediate notification that Susan has signed.

With one click, Rob confirms the delivery is complete.

RedChirp automatically sends Susan a follow-up text a few hours later asking her to rate her experience with Rob.

RedChirp makes it quick and easy to rate her experience, right from the text message. She gives him 5 out of 5 stars.

To find out how you can add this same efficient and effortless service to your own business in just one day and exceed your customers’ expectations in the process, contact us right away!