Text, Video, Voice & More

RedChirp™ allows you to engage your customers and prospects any way they prefer—including text, video, voice and more—all in the same simple, seamless interaction.


You and your team can interact with customers via any connected device—phone, tablet or computer—or move between devices instantly without any break in connection or loss of information.

RedChirp can make any user’s personal device a Virtual Business Smartphone too, allowing you to eliminate paging systems, obsolete desk phones, clumsy handoffs and the need to juggle multiple devices on the job.

Here are just a few of RedChirp’s growing text, video and voice capabilities:


  • Text with customers from your laptop, tablet or personal cell phone without having to share your personal phone number.
  • Keep work and personal text messages separate on your phone.
  • Control the times you are, and are not, available to customers by text message.
  • Collect signatures by text message—no more passing dirty pens or tablets back and forth during delivery!
  • Easily send and/or receive any kind of file—receipts, order forms, proofs of purchase, invoices, bills of sale, pictures and more.
  • Have your customer provide information like delivery address.
  • Share your location so they can track you when you’re on the way.
  • Securely request and receive payment through text.
  • Set up auto-responses when you aren’t working.
  • Auto-forward messages to other users.


The pandemic has forced consumers to get so much more comfortable with video conferencing at work, tele-medicine and more. 

Now your business can offer personal video interaction too, without having to integrate different applications or make sure you and your customers are using specific devices. 

  • Effortlessly initiate one-way or two-way video from a text message any time. 
  • In today’s low-contact sales and support environment, you can:
    • Give customers a demonstration of a product, like how oven racks rearrange.
    • Show customers multiple product options in real time, as if they’re in store.
    • Have a customer show you the problem they are having, like a leaking faucet, so you can make sure to send the right technician with the right tools and supplies.
    • Have customers show you the space they have for the new product so you can better advise them what to measure.


  • Use your RedChirp number to speak with customers from any computer, tablet, traditional desk phone or personal mobile phone—without sharing your personal mobile number.
  • Your RedChirp number is a real local phone number you can advertise, put on business cards, and add to email signatures.
  • The number is static and will not change, so consumers can reach back out to this number any time.
  • All text messages you send through RedChirp come from this same number so customers can not only text you back, they can also click to call you during the conversation or any time in the future.
  • Set phone calls to your RedChirp phone number to forward to any device you want, like your personal cell phone, desk phone or home phone.
  • Want to call a customer from a specific device, like your home phone or personal cell, but not share that device’s phone number with them? No problem!
  • RedChirp lets you make calls through any phone – cell, landline, or a VOIP number – but ensure your RedChirp number appears on the caller ID.

Use multiple devices and switch back and forth easily!

You can use RedChirp from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Stay logged into RedChirp on multiple devices at the same time–everything syncs instantly and automatically!

RedChirp at work: Example #1

  1. Tammy is on your website and clicks to start a conversation.
  2. You’re sitting at your desk on your laptop and accept the connection request to start texting her.
  3. After a few texts, you want to show Tammy three options she might like.
  4. Just grab your mobile device and open RedChirp. Your conversation with Tammy is right there fully up to date.
  5. You can walk around the showroom and even switch to video so you can show Tammy a few things she might like.
  6. Tammy makes a decision and you head back to your desk to ring her up.
  7. Once you get in front of your laptop, you can pick up right where you left off in your sales process.

RedChirp at work: Example #2

Play Video
  1. You’re texting with a customer, Greg, on your tablet.
  2. You remember you have a recent remodel picture that would be really helpful for him to see, but it’s on your phone, not your tablet.
  3. No problem! You can pull your phone out, open RedChirp and send the image from your phone gallery while you are continuing the conversation with Greg on your tablet—all without skipping a beat!

Watch the video to see it for yourself!