Customer Reviews

A decade ago, companies like Amazon taught consumers how valuable it is to rate and read reviews of products.

Now 95% of consumers read online reviews, and 72% of customers don’t take action until they have read reviews.

Today it’s not just specific products or businesses as a whole that consumers expect to rate; the smartest businesses are seeking out customer ratings of specific interactions like:






Consumers are coming to expect to be asked for their rating and opinion—it’s a sign that your business cares.

But starting to do that from scratch is a hassle, and lots of other programs leave it up to your staff to remember to ask or send the rating request… which doesn’t deliver the best results.

RedChirp™ automatically texts consumers at the end of every experience, asking them to rate their interaction with the specific users that helped them.

You can even set up Notifications Plans for reviews you want to get special attention.

For example, you might want a manager to be notified when any users on their team receive an interaction review of 3 stars or below so they can follow up with the user and the customer.

Not everyone will answer every time, but that’s ok!

Over time you’ll gain access to really useful information that can help you:

Recognize high performers on your team

Identify team members that need some coaching

Root out processes that can be improved

Improve your overall customer satisfaction

With RedChirp’s Customer Reviews capability:

  • Your customers will feel important and empowered.
  • Your employees will know your business measures—and therefor values—interactions that leave customers feeling their expectations were exceeded.

Best of all, it won’t take any extra effort on your part. It all happens automatically.